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mathematics isn't my buddy.

Nessa7's picture
on October 21, 2008 - 11:27am

i just got my math exam and i didn't do well. i did get a higher score than the first exam, BUT, it's not good.

ugh! i'll have to talk with my professor to see what i can do to raise up my percentage and pass the course with at least a C.

what a pain in the jelly.

since it's getting closer to the holidays, a lot of department stores and such are starting to hire more people. i went over to Ross yesterday, filled out an application and they asked me to come back today at 4:00pm for an interview.
this worker checked my availability and she said it was good.

PLEASE, GOD, LET ME GET THIS JOB! ::down on knees::

making myself feel better.

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