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middle of the road....

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on October 22, 2008 - 7:04am

Happy Wednesday
Middle of the week. I have a yard full of leaves now. Bozo's water pool overflows with them by the time I get home. You'd think the trees would be bare considering what's in the yard...but no, still lots left to fall. The winds are supposed to be bad again for the next several days. At least that's what the news said this morning.
A little chuckle for y'all:
Way back when Magic Mountain was still a new place to go - my parents, myself and my cousin Connie had planned on going. (Connie and I were in our early 20's). The Saturday came and we went by to pick up Connie. And of course, she was not ready. She started putting on nylons and a skirt/blouse, and heels. Of course I reminded her we were going to an amusement park. Her excuse for "dressing" for the occasion was that she forgot to wash her jeans. You gotta be kidding right? LOL I was all ticked off because I was anticipating a day of complaining about all that walking in heels or her refusing to go on rides, etc. Her need to be "seen". It was about an hour trip and we finally get there. Parking lot is HUGE and lots of people were already there. They had trams that would pick you up and take you to the main gate. Cool. You know how trams are...they aren't designed so you can move at get to slide in with your knees pressed up against the seat in front of you. Full tram---3 cars full. We get to the main gate...everyone is in a hurry to exit and get going. My Mom & Dad get off with no problem. I stood up, shuffled over to get out... tried to turn and managed to get my feet all tangled up...and took a full out nose dive onto the pavement. Yeah...Grace, that's me. ROFL
Did anyone lend me a hand to get up? Heck no...they looked down and just kept on going. Funny...she's the one in heels and I'm the one on the ground. LOL Oh well, that's my life. Great mental image tho...slow motion...timmmmbbbberrrr
good day everyone

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