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Here I Go Again...

RuthLM's picture
on October 22, 2008 - 3:41pm

Well, I had found a gentleman do to my home improvement work and finally had gotten all the things I ordered in for him to get started and guess what... he is gone for the next several months working for a couple of insurance companies doing damage estimates in the hurricane states. Just wished he would have e-mailed me and told me. Oh well. So now I have to start again to find someone. I think I may go to Lowe's and see what services they offer ( that is where I bought all my stuff).
My almost 83 year old Dad went in the hospital on Sunday. They found he had a colon obstruction and after talking with my 2 older brothers, he will have surgery on Friday AM to remove the bad part of the colon and end up with a colostomy. He will return to the Veterans Home where he lives after the hospital ( he has Parkinson's disease and needs a lot of help).
My son was home sick on Monday..something going around according to the school nurse.
Tuesday, I had to drive down to the hospital where I work for a mandatory meeting. Not very informative, but they make us go or they mark us down on our yearly evaluation.
My son has a football game tomorrow, those are usually fun..thank goodness.
My new puppy Max is doing well. I think he is figuring out that this where he gets to stay..his forever home.
Will update you all on the home improvement work...
Have a great day/evening

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