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Soon to be...

GROBanMELODY's picture
on October 23, 2008 - 10:14pm

hopefully and HR Administrative Assistant.

Whew. So I have to make it through another weekend of waiting on the edge of my seat. I think my interview on Tuesday went well. The people I met with seemed really receptive to the answers I gave where I said something I could tell they were waiting to hear. I sent thank-you letters in the mail and hopefully they got those alright and I let them know my former manager where I was an HR intern would be glad to speak with them over the phone for a reference. She sent me an email today saying she had called and left a message and then another one detailing why she'd reccommend me. And of course in the interview I was told they'd probably make a decision by this Friday and I just checked on the voice mail of one of the persons I met with that she's out of the office tomorrow and back on Monday so I'm figuring I probably won't hear back until then but I'm not as afraid this time that I won't get it. If I don't, then I probably will be really crushed and have to fess up to the fam that my internship is over and get back to feeling like an unemployed loser. :) I'm not there yet because I have hope that I'll get this job. I would just ask for those of you who prayer to continue to keep me in your thoughts and ask God for me to get this if it is right for me. I really did my best to prepare for the interview and I asked Him to keep me calm and get rid of any nerves before it and I think it really helped me and my prep work too.

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