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not sleepy at 1:45 am

lindyjean's picture
on October 24, 2008 - 2:00am

the political thread has been heating up again, but i'm about tired of the whole thing. i have a, "no on 8" sign in my front yard. i am heavily outnumbered on this when you drive around the neighborhood. it's very christian where i live---you'd think i was in the midwest or south sometimes, but it's california. there are more mccain/palin signs, too, but more obama bumper stickers (i've tried twice to get a yard sign, but they never have them). now the mccain people are trying to say obama's not a US citizen. they tried to discredit him for consorting with terrorists, and that hasn't worked, just like his association with jeremiah wright failed. what's next? i think people are so tired of the mudslinging, they aren't buying into the frenzy simply out of being fed up with it. but, the religious right will find something to rail about as the days leading up the election dwindle down. they'll start a rumor that obama eats aborted babies or something. and there will be those who believe it....all those rush limbaugh listeners. they think that man is credible. he's a glorified DJ with a big mouth, not a journalist. according to his bio on google, he barely made it thru two semesters of junior college. but he loves himself some drugs......
oh, stop it, linda!!!
josh is going to be up the road from me sunday...he was at some function tonight in san francisco. on sunday, he'll be in mountain view at the shoreline amphitheater for the Bridge School benefit. wish i could see you, josh---i did see you there on your Closer tour---but, money's too tight (thank you, Dubya for the loss of my job--well, thank you AND arnold). josh, i miss your shaggy hair....just tossing that out there for your consideration. however, that one shot of the recent photo session---with the suit, hands in your pockets, face looking left....i have to say, i didn't think any photo would out-do the bryan adams shot, but, i was wrong.
we continue to bake under above-average temps here while i see some fans are getting their first snowfalls. but it's nice for us, despite our needing rain. it'll cool down soon enough....maybe for halloween.
well, i'm amped up on pepsi, but i have to try to get some sleep.

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