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Nothing but good news...

wigirl's picture
on October 26, 2008 - 6:38pm

Went to my parents' place for dinner tonight... And I'm so psyched!!!

My dad is almost done with his feeding tube. How much longer depends on the results from the PET Scan he has tomorrow morning. For the time being, he's down to 2 cans of "stuff"(for the feeding tube) -- He originally was on 7. If the test results come back positive, he'll be down to 1 can of the "stuff" within 2 days (for about a week). After that, he'll be completely weened from the feeding tube. The appointment to have the feeding tube is scheduled for 11/10 -- So, we're all hoping the PET Scan results come back positive.

In other news, my diet is going great... I've lost 27 lbs (since Memorial Day weekend). When I went for my yearly physical, my doctor was so surprised, he had to double check and triple check my recorded weight against the previous entry (2007). Speaking of physicals... Why did the nurse measure my height? I'm only 34 so, it's not like I've grown any since middle school. And I'm way too young to have started shrinking -- Go figure.

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