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What a Month!

Cupid's picture
on October 29, 2008 - 10:18pm

What a month this has been! Preparing to leave town it feels like I've had a thousand things to do. I had two different doctors' appointments in one week so I was realy tired after all that. Then I went to lunch with a friend of mine named Robert and ate chicken tenders and fried shrimp. He's handicapped as well so he doesn't get out much either so that was nice. I also got my hair cut which wouldn't be a big deal but I only cut it about every six months. I also closed out my original savings account in favor of moving it closer to my house. The fact that I had been using the same bank for 14 years made it pretty bitersweet. Anyway, i'm sure there's more but since i have a temporary case of amnesia I'll get back to it later. I also rented Charlotte Church's "Enchantment" on DVD and it was amazing! She had such a Fabulous singing voice. Josh even sang two duets with her so that was nice. Speaking of...I'm taking him home for the holidays! Okay, so it's just his ornament but a person can wish can't they? LOL! Have a great night and take care, Roger

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