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Happy Friday! (I don't really do Halloween)

GROBanMELODY's picture
on October 31, 2008 - 6:30pm

Thank you for the well wishes everyone...Andi, to answer your question my ritual when going to Disneyland is to go to Pirates first thing when I get there and once again either as the last ride or towards the end of the day. I lived in So. Cal for 20 years of my life and I've gone to Disney so I many times I'd have to say I've been on Pirates at least 50 times or more :) And it never gets old.

My mom got my life size cardboard's for me thru I believe :)

I was actually coming out of the restroom right before going into the gates at Disneyland and missed a phone call from my new work asking if I could start a little bit later (on the 10th) as the person who will be training me is going to be out of town instead for work so I get to push it back a few days which is no biggie...I'm okay with the extra vacation time. But boy I've spent a lot of money on this trip so it's a good thing I'll be working soon enough.

I bought little Disney mouse shaped earrings in the store outside of Star Tours with my birthstone (April) and a bracelet and earrings for my mom that she liked when we were there yesterday. I won't have time to go I'm sure when I come back for Christmas so I'm glad I got to go twice now.

Oh, and I totally got my best score ever on Buzz lightyear but of course the picture didn't go through so instead of me and my friend it's these weird looking space people and our scores :) The 2nd time we went on I didn't do as well. Oh well...still had fun.

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