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I'm wiped out tonight.

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on October 31, 2008 - 8:02pm

I don't even have enough energy to surf the boards. Josh's blog was cute.

A group of us went out tonight with our kids. The adults decided to dress up too. I went as the 80's fairy. My hair probably won't lay down for awhile. I used tons of hairspray. I even found legwarmers at Target. Guess they are back in style.
I should have re-thought my shoes. I have a blister, but it was really a hilarious time. Another one of my friends dressed up as Richard Simmons. She had a huge brown fro wig on with a bandana.

We went to his one house and there was this chick dancing around handing out candy with a HUGE AFRO. Me and my big mouth said "Nice FRO!!" Someone said "It's REAL!"
I said "shut up no WAY!!" It really was real and I stuck my foot in my mouth.

This past week with the concert, work and tonight along with a birthday party tomorrow, then our Sunday fun. I'm wore slap out.

Reagan has friends over right now and it's the first time she's had a male friend over too. His name is Hunter and he's a cute kid. You can tell he's got a crush on Reagan. I'm out here in the sunroom right now laughing at their convo inside.
I should probably take him home before Robert gets in from work. I'd hate for him to feel intimidated his first time over. Ha!

Hope everyone had a happy halloween and got lots of loot!

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