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on November 1, 2008 - 10:28am

Halloween is over. It was somewhat successful. We had 154 trick or treaters. That's about half of what we usually get. That's alright though. I had a nice quiet evening with JR and some chinese food.

Thanksgiving is coming up next. I'm hoping to have the families here this year. people will probably come in shifts but that will work to my advantage. We have 15 family members n my side and 79 family members on Dave's side. Ok,that's 94 fanily members from both sides. I don't think that everyone on Dave's side will show up anyway. It will be a potluck to make it easier on me. I'll fix the turkeys, dressing, rolls and a green salad. Everyone else will bring something. I think it'll be fun.

Have a wonderful weekend all!!


EDIT: if there was a way to invite Josh and his family I would. What's a few more people especially when it's the Groban family. LOL

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