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The bad and the good...

Cupid's picture
on November 1, 2008 - 8:36pm

Well guys, unfortunately it has happened again! I lost another provider. This time for health reasons. Whenever she stands for too long or walks too much her ankles swell so she couldn't do the job anymore. However, since I'm leaving in three weeks I can't worry about it right now. I'm guessing the nurses from the agency will come until then. I'm glad to hear that everyone's Halloween went so well. They don't trick-or-treat in my area so I only got one kid. But enough bad news! Thanksgiving should be much better for me. I'll actually be going home this year and since I haven't been in a Long time it should be really nice. It might even get me "tarred and feathered" to admit this but...I have most of my Christmas shopping done already so that Really helps. I also bought a second Noel ornament so now if Josh could just deliver it personally that would be the best Christmas gift ever!!! But a person can wish can't they? lol! Have a great night, Roger

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