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on November 2, 2008 - 8:26am

Well I've been trying to sign up to the U.K mailing list for Josh since they said you could, but the webpage will just not display. Ive tried through this site and through the site and I still just keep getting the message web page not found. It's been like that for ages. I even got the IT guys at work to take a look for me and they said it looks like the page has been removed, so why bother saying you can sign up. I give up! So if any of you guys know what Josh is up to when he comes to the U.K I'd appreciate a heads up.

The powers that be keep tweeking the web page, and every time they do, there's one more thing I don't seem to get access to. I haven't been able to access my Josh mail for weeks now even though I've cleared all my cookies etc, etc. Just like they said. I can feel the day coming when I probably won't even be able to access this site at all. Aw I hate ranting.

(Deep breath) I am on leave for a week, YIPEE!!! and guess what, yep it's raining. Still I'm looking forward to the lie in every morning. I'm going to make my christmas cake and pudding this week and put lots of rum in both. The cake probably won't last until christmas though, so maybe I better make two.

Mo, thanks for all the great e-mails, I loved the Walmart one. Can you imagine doing that in Asda!!!

Hope everyone had a great halloween.

Best wishes

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