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it's almost over

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on November 3, 2008 - 12:41am

the election is tuesday. i'll be glad when it's over. after all the crowing and debate and nastiness, i'm ready. i'm optimistic obama will take it handily, but i still would have preferred hillary. i'm like one other gal, who said she's still in mourning a little bit. whoever gets the job (obama) (and really, mccain has had his judgment questioned for having sarah palin on his ticket, but you gotta wonder, why would anyone want this job????) has got a lot of work, and the chance for a lot of frustration, ahead of him. it's going to be a tough job, even with the dems ruling the house and congress alongside him.
i'm more worried about the outcome of prop 8 and prop 4 here in california. prop 8, of course, is the gay rights issue over marriage. it's a waste of time and money for everyone. even if it passes, the state supreme court will overrule it again. it's sanctioned discrimination, and that's just plain wrong. don't bring religion into it, and DON'T put kids on commercials saying gay marriage will be taught in school. it's an outright lie. as for what the bible says, i say, what if i don't follow your bible? why should i be forced to accept your way of thinking? why should anyone? so stop trying to dictate to me your religious views. i reject them, and i reject the perpetuation of hate and discrimination against gays, or any other group you don't happen to embrace as your equal.
prop 4 has to do with notification of parents before a girl of 14 or younger can get an abortion. this has always been the law---matters pertaining to pregnancy have always been a matter of confidentiality, no matter the age of the patient. of course it's not an ideal situation when a child that young gets pregnant, and in a perfect world, she would have the support of her parents to get her thru it. but those who don't enjoy a loving and understanding family life will only be further traumatized in having to deal with the wrath of her incensed parents. indeed, counseling should be available to this girl, but she should be free of her parents' influence to make her own choice in the matter. it's her call, and if she doesn't want to involve her parents, that's her choice. as with abortion in any case, we don't have the right to make that decision for her.
so, on a lighter note, some pundits were talking about this election,and how so many people have invested so much time and passion to it, and will suffer a huge letdown, even if their candidate wins, after it's over. one joked that what was going to happen to all the CNN talking heads they've had on, night after night? what will they do? where will they go? and the viewers have been equally rabid, switching from channel to channel...i know my HOG is going to go thru some kind of withdrawal (he swears he's not; he'll be too busy celebrating obama's victory). i'm mourning the end of the baseball season, as i always do. this election, i'll be glad to see come to an end.

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