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Slow at work...

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on November 3, 2008 - 7:11am

Well, I got canceled from work again yesterday.(I'm an ICU nurse) I usually work every weekend so that is 4 days per pay period. I can do ok with 2 days since my husband is working. But there are some people who really need to work (I remember when I did as I was the only one working)so I try to volunteer to stay home when I can. I tried to figure it out on Sat while I was at work that we had only about 157 patients in a hospital for about 350...and that 157 included the babies.
In the ICU where I work we had 14 out of 26 beds filled. Rumor has it that another hospital in our area actually laid off people because census is down. Many people are putting off "elective" procedures because of the economy. In ICU most patients aren't there unless thay have to be anyway.
Yes, the time changed this weekend which means that it will be dark when I go to work and when I come home from work (I work from about 6:45am to 7:30pm).
I did get some things done yesterday anyway that needed to be filling out reimbursement forms for my flexible healthcare spending account; ordering refills for my meds; laundry; prepping another box to go overseas to the troops.
I watched part of the Dallas Cowboy game but it was so sad I just turned it off.
I do have a favor to ask..since I still can't get on the boards (argh!!!) could someone PM JustJoshing for me and tell her my situation (no FOJG boards)and ask her to e-mail me at She sent me a PM and I can't respond and I don't want her think that I am being a jerk. Really appreciate it!! Maybe one of these days Josh will read one of my entries about the boards and ask that it be fixed for me.
Well..hi to everyone. Have a great day and remember to vote tomorrow.

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