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Almost the weekend!

MJKC9397's picture
on November 6, 2008 - 6:36am

Well, it's blood sugar testing day! Oh yippee. LOL It has always been bad enough with the girls, but this baby doesn't want me to like sweet stuff as much as the girls did! I really hope I don't just throw up that orange drink stuff before I even get it down...I mean, they want me to drink it in 5 minutes!!! ICK!

After my appointment, I've got lots of errands to run...MK deliveries, buying sewing supplies, picking up some things from the Girl Scout store for my troop, and birthday shopping for Riley. I am actually looking forward to the hour I have to wait after I drink that stuff so that I can maybe make a list of everything I'm going to need to do afterward! Otherwise, I'll end up with all the time on my hands before I go pick up the girls from school, but I won't have a clue what I needed the time for! My brain is running on 'empty' lately!

Hope to check back in here later this evening and get caught up with everyone else. Hope ya'll have a great day!!!

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