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Meeting Josh.....

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on November 6, 2008 - 3:50pm

Well, since I'm leaving soon (hopefully I'll be back) and I seem to be a pariah on the message boards (I hate it when that happens)...I thought I talk about meeting Josh.

It was 2007...during the AWAKE tour. GFC was selling buttons for a chance to win Josh and for front row seats. I bought a button for each never expecting to win anything. The names were drawn and I didn't win. Oh well...I was very happy for winners.

I got to work one Monday in early July and there was an e-mail from Lynn Allred. She indicated the person who won the raffle couldn't accept, they had to draw another name and it was me! I had to go back and read the e-mail about three times. I couldn't believe it!

My sister was going to the concert with me and she was so excited! I bought her ticket as an early birthday gift. Her first time seeing Josh perform and she was going to get to meet him. Go figure!

I spent the next few weeks buying some "made in NH" goodies for Josh and Sweeney.

I was also helping with the Meet & Greet in Manchester. Well, you know me, anything for a laugh. I kept teasing about wearing funny nose & glasses to the M&G. So, I bought a pair, and yes I wore them. At the M&G everyone said "you need to wear those for Josh." I didn't know if I wanted to or not. (The M&G was great BTW...Angelique made an appearance. It was wonderful)

My sister and I went to pick up our BSP's. Then we had to wait in a certain area. I got to meet Margie, Ellie and some other Grobies. We waited in line with our box of goodies and I kept saying "should I really wear those." My sister kept saying "go ahead."

So....when our time came, I marched up to Josh, said "they told me at the meet & gree I had to wear these" He looked puzzled and said "meeet and greet?"...when I saw my Groucho getup, he spun me around, said "we need a photo of this"...he put his arm around me, pulled me over to him and said "I like your style"...I, of course, was laughing hysterically at this point, as were my sister, the ladies behind my sister, Dennis, the rep from Reprise records, Josh's assistant and the gentleman taking the was a magical moment for me.....

After that, I gave Josh the box of goodies, the Mroof Times (which he told me he reads on-line) and a very personal DVD from my concert...if it weren't for Josh, I never would've found the courage to sing in front of an audience.......then I gave him hug (sigh)...he stepped on my foot (I never noticed) and apologized...then he said "let's take the nice photo"...he again put his arm around me and pulled over to him....I thanked him, then my sister walked over to him...

It wasn't more than a few minutes, but the memory will stay with me forever.

Thank you Josh for everything!

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