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on November 6, 2008 - 7:38pm

I have been a big lazy blob this week. The past three days I've been lazy yes, but today I topped it off by putting in my Madagascar dvd (I love Melman!) since the sequel will be in theatres shortly, and did what I tend to do sometimes...halfway through I feel like napping and I pause the movie and usually that turns into an hour nap but today it lasted from about noon til 4:30 or so hehe :) and so the cycle continues...I have three more days of freedom before slaving over a desk come Monday and I think I'll make use of them now that I've gotten to be lazy for once :) I want to see the Madagascar sequel and also the new James Bond, Quantum of Solace. I'll admit I've never seen any of the other James Bond movies but I bought the dvd for Casino Royale and I love love love it. I think it's a great movie- exactly perfect for its genre/style and I love Daniel Craig as Bond too. I'm hoping this one is just as good and I like that it picks up where the other left off instead of just being "another" Bond movie...

McDonald's for dinner (Parental unit is picking up sis/food at present) and then my friend and I are supposed to watch Alias together on dvd while im'ing it via aim...she's the one who lives in San Luis Obispo, CA so when she moved I bought her a Netflix gift certificate so we could finish watching the series (one of my most favoritest ever!). We're just starting the last season though (wah!) but I can watch Alias over and over again...

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