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on November 7, 2008 - 5:56am

Wow- heh, long time no post?

Isn't it funny how life can keep you sooooo busy with absolutely nothing? I get back from my birthday vacation and I feel like I haven't sat down or stopped moving since! And yet, I have absolutely nothing entertaining to report. Just that I've been doing "stuff".

Huh, guess we had an election in there.... Yes, I did vote and that's probably the most important thing I've done. From the sounds of it, quite a few other people did as well! At least we don't have to suffer through another recount debacle. Let's just hope that whichever side of the fence you were on the next administration doesn't disappoint you! (Or, alternatively live up to you're expectations :P)

Okay... off to start the day. I was 1/4 short of an axel yesterday, unfortunately it was the all important landing quarter and I'm still feeling it all over my side and way down into the muscle. Today could be uh... "intersting". :P

Wherever you are, have a Joshin' day!

PS- Which reminds me, why are we hearing so much about Katy Perry lately? I thought this was Grobania!

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