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what's up?

lindyjean's picture
on November 7, 2008 - 2:10pm

we should be hearing about the renewal package here any day now. i think we renewed on Nov.10th last year. i never did get my tote or tee shirt. wonder what i might not get this year???? wyatt had told me that they were going to be putting a scarf in the store very soon (this was back in august or september) but so far, nothing. it'd be nice to get a JG scarf instead of a tee, which i don't ever wear. i'm sure it'll just be another tee shirt, though....and what else???? what could they come up with???? another special DVD would be good, like the one done for AOL....we got the sundance one from walmart, and the idina special, rose hall concert, and david foster shows will all be for sale for everyone, at some point. or maybe they'd give us a mug, or a for thought.
the holiday auction will be firing up in a week or so. i don't have any money for more than a couple of buttons, in the hopes of winning a signed CD or something, but i'm always curious about what's up for auction. over on ebay, there is a poster for the new Collection CD that's coming out. it's already at $41, and it's got two days left, and it's more than i can afford right now, so it'd be nice to have a chance to buy one thru the charity. i know if they auctioned it, it would go for too much, too. maybe they'll have another internet edition of closer to auction. one on ebay just sold for over $311. again, too rich for my blood, but people were willing to bid that much for one, so if one is signed, they'd likely bid higher. we'll just have to wait and see what the gals at GFC have got for us....

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