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A day for treats

JoL's picture
on November 8, 2008 - 9:27am

Well, I finally got the chance to spend some of my birthday money today. I bought Keane and Razorlights new C.ds, I did intend to get Josh's new one but apparently the release date has been moved to the 1st December. I was all excited about getting it as well. The guy in HMV that I always go to for my Josh C.ds patted me on the shoulder and said never mind, it'll be out soon. Do you need a hug.

I also booked myself a makeover in Boots at the Estee Lauder counter and ended up spending over a hundred pounds on make up. I really don't understand what came over me, as I don't really wear make up. Guess I'll have to start though.

I love Keanes new C.d, it's even better than their last one, and I thought that would take some topping.

I'm back to work on Monday, you can't see my face, but it's glum, very very glum.

Well, I'm going to watch Strictly Come Dancing, enjoy what's left of your weekend everyone.


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