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The joy of being sick...

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on November 8, 2008 - 5:40pm

Oh, the joy of being sick... I can't take it anymore!!!

Last Thursday, I went to work as usual only to go home sick with an upset stomach that afternoon. By the time I got home, I was so weak... It felt like I was run over by a semi. Tried to eat Saltine crackers w/ a can of 7-Up for lunch, but it didn't "sit". Relaxing on my couch in my 85 degree apartment (I live 2 floors above the boiler) I suddenly began to have hot/cold flashes. Knowing I'm too young for Menopause, I immediately assumed I had a window open somewhere only to realize they were all closed. Took my temperature -- 103 degree fever. Because of my upset stomach, I had to wait it out hoping it too would pass. 2 hot showers, 1 hot bath and a short nap later it was time for dinner... Tried chicken noodle soup. That too, didn't "sit". Famished, I became dehydrated despite the fact I was constantly drinking water. Another hot bath later, I felt like I was going to die. With a headache brewing, I hauled out the ice pack and went to bed early hoping everything would pass.

Friday morning I woke up early and called in sick to work. Immediatley went back to bed until about 10:00 am. Forced myself to get up despite the fact that all my muscles ached. Climbing out of bed with a stomach ache, I had no choice but to try to eat again... This time, I tried plain toast hoping for the best. It stayed down despite my upset stomach! Out of curiosity, I stepped on the scale... I dropped 3 lbs overnight from not being able to eat since 7:30 am Thursday morning. Took my temperature again and the fever was finally gone. Did basically nothing the whole day except take another hot shower, watch TV and sleep. Tried eating two meals of soft foods (eggs) which stayed down okay.

Today is Saturday. Despite the fact that I still have a stomach ache and muscle aches, I'm feeling somewhat better. I stepped on the scale again and dropped another 1 lb. I'm still eating soft foods (am getting sick of soup and eggs) and just now started to have hot/cold flashes again.

Hopefully, this flu virus will soon pass because I'm going stir crazy sitting around my apartment doing next to nothing!!


On a happier note:

My dad has fully recovered from tongue/throat cancer & is done w/ the feeding tube which will be removed on Monday (Hoorah!!!). Hard to believe he's only 67 and a 3x cancer survivor (skin/tongue/throat).

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