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Lisa Williams...

Cupid's picture
on November 8, 2008 - 10:07pm

Where do I begin? There's too much to post so I may have to break it down. How about here...Has anyone ever seen Lisa Williams-Life Among the Dead on Lifetime? She's actually a medium (or clairvoyant) who speaks to the deceased. Some may call me a "sucker" but I totally believe she's real. I believe that most of them are fakes but I do believe that people like her exist to help the friends and families (and of course the deceased) move on and find peace. Moving on...My best friend (Julie) called me last week to mention that she had moved to Houston. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet...She does live closer to me now but it was comforting knowing that she and my parents lived in the same town. Anyway, I guess only time will tell. BTW, does anyone know where Josh is with my Noel ornament? I'm biting my nails with anticipation! Also, a Happy Belated Birthday to JoL! Sometimes I'm on for only a few minutes so i miss these things so here's some big grobie hugs in celebration! Talk to you soon! Roger

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