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on November 9, 2008 - 9:48am

Josh loves the drums, right? My ex-husband is a drummer as well. I told him that Josh was a drummer and then showed him the vid of him playing the drums from Closer - this was wayyyy back when the vid first came out ... so anyway ... his response was "if he's trying to be like me, he's got a long way to go." I showed him a vid of HRH playing the drums from AWAKE tour and he said "that was pretty good, who was that?" Hahahahahaha! Well ... compliments of my now ex-hubby - I learned that there is a drummer out there that Josh should idolize - and I know there are tons of good drummers but this man ... HOLY CRAP he's very good. Have you ever heard of him? His name is dun dun dun NEIL PEART. He's the drummer from the band called RUSH. Now I know that Rush is and older band - I don't even know if they've come out with anything lately but Neal is THE premier and most awesome drummer in the world - that is if you ask me ... are you asking? LOL He has a wonderful website dedicated to the drums, the man is an icon - he's even won a lot of awards for his peculiar and unique drumming style not to mention he has his own line of drums made for him called PARAGON by Sabian.. He's also a published author and wrote most of the lyrics for the band. He's well known for using the "butt end" of the drumstick which he says started when he'd break his sticks and not having much money to keep replacing them just turned them around and used the other side saying that it gave him more impact when playing the drums. Is this more information than you needed? Well anyway ... if anyone has a personal line to HRH would you ask him for me how much he loves and adores Neil? And if he's not heard of him (how in hell could he NOT have heard of him?!?!) then please direct him to Neil's site:

Here's an extraordinary vid of Neil and a drum solo that will make your head spin or your hair catch on fire - I'll tell you what, this man works out, his arms are incredible and his stamina ... HOLY HELL!!!

Sorry guys, you'll have to copy and paste these links ... I'm an HTML idiot ...

Sooooooooo hotstuff ... you likey??? ::wink wink:: you can thank me later

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