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One of those odd moments

lfranklin's picture
on November 9, 2008 - 6:19pm

I just had an "Oh my gosh I'm a Grobanite" moment. I just realized that I have 4 CDs on pre-order... three of which are from artists I've never bought a CD from ever before, and the only reason I want the CD is because Josh Groban has a musical cameo on them. The 4th is of course 'A Collection' and I'm after Anthem (yes, I'm still feeling the burn of missing out on the Closer Internet Edition. No, I'm not leaving *anything* to chance ever again.)

Oh my gosh I'm a Grobanite!

(At least I get to explore three new artists. At the worst the cognitive dissonance will kick in and I'll end up really enjoying all those CDs).


I would wonder if there were hope for me... maybe someday in a few decades when Josh decides to retire I'll make a partial recovery... but I doubt it ;)

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