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on November 10, 2008 - 8:59pm

Missy has been telling me of a co-worker that is head over heals ok obsessed with the actor Robert Pattinson. He plays Edward in the movie Twilight. She's actually obsessed with the character not the actor. That's all she can talk about at work and she'll watch the trailers to the movie every chance she gets. Everyone is getting a bit tired of it. Well, one of the nurses that Missy works with has picked out a striking likeness to Robert. He's planning on hiring him to arrive at work in a limo. He will then ask for Missy and they will go out to lunch including the nurse setting up the hoax. We have a friend from England so the story will go that he(Jack) knows Robert and Jack asked Robert to stop by and say hello to Missy. Everyone including the big boss will be aware of the hoax. When the co-worker sees what is happening she will FLIP!!!! The reason nurse chose Missy is because everyday someone comes in that she knows. Her co-workers just shake their heads now. They used to ask her exactly how many people she knows. LOL That's why he thought Missy would be the perfect person for this hoax. This is going to cost him but he says it will be worth it. We'll see. It will be gigglerific!! My new word for the day. I love it!!

Have a Joshin night all.


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