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Christmastime is near...

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on November 11, 2008 - 12:06am

Last Tuesday it was 72 and by the weekend, it was snowing. I love the first snowfall. And I look forward to winter--a fire in the woodstove and Noel playing while I sit in the windowseat watching the snowflakes drift down.

But those days are few with everything else there is to do. Like right now, I should be working, but no. I'm in here typing out my thoughts. What a nice diversion this place can be.

Christmas is getting close--shopping lists to make, presents to buy, music to practice, designs to do as work piles up. Oh well, that's life.

I was in the music store today, looking for choral and piano Christmas music. It was so nice to see Josh's smiling face on the cover of the Noel songbook. He has such a kind face, doesn't he.(just goes to show ya, looks can be deceiving. No, he's nice, but no one is one-dimensional. Like he said, he'd love to play the villain.)

Anyway, I tried out the Noel songbook at the store. Man, those notes are huuuge! I'm sure they were just trying to make it playable for most people, but I hope the publishers didn't envision blue-haired Grobanites gathered around the Spinet in the senior center for a Noel sing-along. (Not putting down seniors, just saying that some--maybe even Josh--can and do misjudge Josh fans). No seriously, the book was a bit disappointing for me. I hope they have real sheet music for "Thankful."

I'm glad it's getting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tomorrow I think I'll get out Noel. I think of it as Josh's gift to us fans.

And that makes me wonder if the next album will be purely his own musical tastes. The classics are on the new Collection cd, so I'm guessing the next album will be exactly what he wants to sing (or maybe small studio sessions of the greats in his life--Simon, Lennon, Sting,...I'd title it Imagine.) Whatever it is, we'll have another interesting and ecclectic album to enjoy next year. Can't wait! But until then, back to the sweet songs ;) of Noel.

Have a great week, everyone.

Christine :)

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