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a question for the christian grobies

lindyjean's picture
on November 12, 2008 - 12:22am

i'm reading comments about a lot of christians being worried about obama being elected, and how they feel it is a sign of the end of days. now, i'm not a bible scholar (catholics don't use the bible like protestants do). i know about the four horsemen of the apocalyse, rivers run red with blood, the genesis stuff (vaguely), but please, someone, tell me why obama being elected is a sign of the end.
i'm also wondering why you are all so scared and concerned to face the last days. aren't you all supposed to be excited about meeting your god? i keep hearing people say they can't wait for the rapture, to be taken to heaven. so, why then, is everyone so afraid that they are trying to stave off the end that they all want so much? my neighbor thinks that letting gays marry will bring on the end of the world. so, she and others voted to amend the constitution. i just find it a bit silly to think that god would postpone whatever plans he had for the world based on a vote in one state, in one country, in the whole of the world. do christians believe that now that gay rights have been repealed that god will go find something else to do for a while, til the subject comes up again??? i don't mean to be flippant (well, a little), but i have no idea where these notions come from. please spell it out for me---i really want to see your side of it because you all are smart, articulate women, and i'd just like to know how you've come to these conclusions. if your only answer is, "it's in the bible", please don't bother. i've heard that one. is it simply a matter of faith for you? if so, do you really believe everything that is written in the bible, even when common sense tells you that most of the stories could never have happened as written. and if you take the bible as an allegorical (or is it metaphorical???) tale, what makes you believe some, but not all of what's there? how do you know which to believe as fact and which to regard as fable? i'm not trying to be confrontational or condescending. i just want someone to tell me, point by point, why they believe what they do. i'm Doubting Thomas. I need more than faith. thanks, and i hope i didn't anger anyone.

edit---thank you micah! i appreciate the time it took for you to answer, and how well-thought-out your reply is. it gives me food for thought. weren't one of the ones predicting the end of the world, but thanks for answering why you voted as you did.

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