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the natives are getting restless

lindyjean's picture
on November 14, 2008 - 12:07pm

people are upset that WB doesn't seem to be promoting, "A Collection", to their liking. i'm not a business person, but it seems to me that all of this hubbub is caused by so many of us feeling josh-deprived lately. when only a select few, who fly off to this charity event, or that stage production, get to see him on a somewhat regular basis, the rest of us start to feel envious, and that just increases the itchy need to see josh for ourselves (i have visions of Dave Chappelle's Tyrone, the crackhead, scratching at his neck). and the UK fans get so little of him anyway. But, i'm also jones-ing for some josh, since i can't afford to fly anywhere to see him, or to pay $$$ for a charity event close to my home. I'm feeling the need to step away from FOJG for a while (But sadly, cannot seem to do that). the low rumblings of discontent are starting to get to me. i doubt we'll see a new CD by spring, or even summer. that's just my "glass is half empty" thinking---low expectations, then i'm always surprised when things happen sooner----as josh is always flying off somewhere to do something else. i don't begrudge him that, not in the least. for all i know, he can show up at the studio, spend two hours singing, and then let the producers and engineers do the rest. his singing is probably the least-time-consuming part of the process (when you're that perfect). i'm being flippant--we know josh is a perfectionist and probably takes 2 hours on every line of song, tweaking his inflection and pauses, til they are to his liking.....gotta love those inflections and pauses....hmmmmmmm.....oh! sorry, got lost in a little daydream there.......
anyway, josh, i know you're doing all you can for us. i trust that you will not give us a new CD until it's exactly how you wanted it presented, and until each note is perfect. i'll try not to be so bossy and impatient, but i can't promise anything.

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