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Mistletoe Cat

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on November 15, 2008 - 8:37pm

11/15/08 Saturday 10:00 pm

I decided to stop at the book store on my way home from shopping this afternoon. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but found a stuffed cat that matched the cat in a children’s book I’d bought last year. The book is “Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens”. My eyes lit up as I picked it up and held it while browsing through the store. The cat is a medium green color with a striped red, white and green tail. Its stomach and part of its face are white and its paws are red with white stockings. The clerk asked if I was going to buy the book too. I explained that I already had the book but hadn’t seen the stuffed cat before. He said, “Now you have a matched set!”

While paying for the cat the clerk asked if I’d like to donate a book for children who were affected by hurricane Ike. I said yes. It’s something I do whenever I’m in a book store and they’re looking for book donations for children. The store is Barnes & Noble. They’re also giving a percentage of the sale as a donation too.

My mom has been feeling sick since Wednesday. We were at her lung doctor on Thursday where she complained to him about her throat bothering her. This was the first I was hearing about it. After we got home, mom complained about feeling sick. I told my sister who was taking mom to her family doctor on Friday about it. She got a prescription for antibiotics just in case. Well now mom is running a fever. We’ll see how she is over the next couple of days. If she gets worse, I’ll get the prescription filled. The doctor visits were regularly scheduled follow-ups. She has an appointment with the kidney doctor next week. Aside from the chest x-ray that mom gets once a year, that’s it for this year.

I had my eyes examined last week. My distance vision has changed … for the better. I went to buy new glasses but couldn’t find a pair I liked. The styles were mostly thin little wire frames. I like the tortoise shell with bronze glasses I bought last year. Hopefully I’ll find something I like soon.

It’s been cold all day today and it’ll be even colder tonight. Some places may drop below freezing. I brought our plants into the garage and covered them with a blanket. It’ll warm up again tomorrow and I’ll bring them back out then.

I’ve got 9 vacation days left, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It’s been a busy year at work but now it’s use it or lose it. I scheduled the days so I have a few 4 day weekends between now and year-end. Not a bad thing!

God bless us, everyone!

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