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Smokey Monday...

Wills's picture
on November 17, 2008 - 8:31am

Good morning everyone,
Seems like we can't turn around here in California without a fire somewhere. There are two within 30 miles of home. A couple about 60 miles away, and then there is the big one up North. The freeway I travel on to get anywhere "down below" was closed down most of the weekend. Good thing I didn't have to work...cause I would have not made it in. Today was kind of iffy as it was. But they finally (darn it!!) got the freeways open. I feel so badly for everyone. Fires are devastating. Have personal experience in that...that was when I was young and our house burned down. Have been saying prayers for those affected all weekend...
Grobies - I hope you are all safe.
Take care.

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