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on November 17, 2008 - 1:34pm

I couldn't sleep this morning so I got up at 4:00 am and started spackling the livingroom and preparing it for painting. I had an appointment 30 minutes away from home so the spackling had time to dry. I just finished painting the livingroom and entry way. It's a light golden yellow. When the light comes through the windows it's like have my very own sun shining inside. I love it!
There's a story behind this. I haven't painted in a long time and that's because Dave and I couldn't agree on a color. I love him but his idea of livingroom colors were dark brown with a black accent wall. YUCK!!!! Our house is small enough without making it appear smaller. Debbie (my sister-in-law)and I were talking. She asked why I haven't painted and I told her. She thought Dave was nuts. She called a week ago last Sunday and said that she had something for us for an anniversay present /birthday present. She stopped by and gave us 2 gal.of the yellow paint. I was so grateful adn elated!! Dave thanked his sis. He said that since he didn't pay for it we might as well use it. Wheeew!!! That was a close one. I feel like I'm in a new home. It's a three bedroom home so it's not real large. I'm feeling so happy!!! I know that somewhere along the line I'm going to drop but for now I'm on top of the world.

The day is beautiful here. The sun is shining and we have blue sky. I'm loving it. It feels like t-shirt weather.

My wish for everyone here is to have a Joshrific day.

Thanks Colette for the new word.


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