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Now What....

RuthLM's picture
on November 18, 2008 - 1:35pm

Well, my son got in trouble in German class last week with his talking and now has to serve a detention this Thursday afternoon. Between talking in German and not handing in assignments in Biology I am almost at my wits end. Now he is grounded (except for school activites) and I have his new G1 telephone ( to make it more difficult to communicate with his friends) and it will stay this way until his behaviour improves. Then to add to my misery...for the past 7 months if I have ANY, and I do mean any, stress the area under my nose turns red, painful, blisters and weeps fluid. I thought it was an allergy to latex but the test came back negative. After I had the moles removed from my face the same thing happened and the nurse in the plastic surgeon's office suggested that it might be shingles. I hadn't thought about that and she probably is right. Next time I have a real bad weekend at work and I break out I'll have to go to the doctor and be tested. I had shingles about 14 years ago and it gave me encephalitis (brain infection) for 6 months, so the idea of having it popping up again is not enticing.
And these problems with my son is not helping either, but usually it is work stress that cause a bad outbreak.
Still waiting for Josh's CD A Collection that I ordered from England. And Noel can come out now without people looking at me funny playing Christmas music in July.

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