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on November 19, 2008 - 5:55am

Work is driving me crazy.

So I decide to distract myself which (as always) leads me here.

Which of course reminds me that I haven't partaken in the Holiday Auction yet (gotta fix that!)

Which leads me to my current mental predicament: They've got a Closer Internet edition up...


There are *two* Josh Groban songs I don't own and only *one* I've never heard. They're *both* on that CD.

...Oh yeah, and it's signed. That's just extra. (Extra GOODNESS to be sure, but extra nonetheless)

...And I'm feeling really weak this morning...

But what happens if I bid on it? It's up to $250 now! That's already a month of skating lessons and ice time for me. And a friend and I are thinking of a girl's weekend in Las Vegas in the spring... and my sister is getting married in Mexico in February... There's a lot I could put that $250 towards...

... And I might not even get it! There are a lot of Grobaintes who want it as bad as me that can probably afford to go higher.


But... I *want*!

*Internal conflict rages*

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