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John Barrowman, Josh and Sweeney

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on November 19, 2008 - 8:59pm

I feel like an idiot!!! In my last entry I used the wrong title for the Josh song I mentioned that Jo had sent me. Thanks for the correction, Nessa. Duh, the song is "Not While I'm Around" not "Nothins' Gonna Hurt You".

Speaking of music, there is a wonderful singer you should listen to if you get the chance. His name is John Barrowman. Check out his website at Not only can he sing, but he is an actor (and very handsome and witty). He is the lead actor in a very good UK sci-fi TV series called Torchwood. I know I have mentioned the UK sci-fi classic TV series, Doctor Who. Torchwood is a spin-off of it and is actually an anagram of the name Doctor Who. John has a new CD out. The single Mo sent me from it is "What About Us" and it is very good.

Still working on the Thanksgiving poem and hoping Josh will work on blogging for us soon--HINT...HINT--Josh you better read this--LOL. (Yeh, Josh, what about us???) If Josh reads this and answers me back, I'll buy him Sweeney's dog food for a year. I mean it Josh!!! No Josh imitators need answer back--only the one-and-only Mr. Groban.

Andi =^..^=

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