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Tsk, tsk, teacher!!

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on November 20, 2008 - 1:01pm

Today, in science class, anfter I was done my test, I went up to the teachjers desk to reclaim a packet that I was almost finished so I could work on it until the end of the period. He said, "do you have it? You should because I don't have it."
I replied, "I passed it into you yesterday along with the other sea of kids passing theirs in."
he saqid, "well go check."
so I checked every nook and cranny of things that I was carrying about three times then I went back up to him.
He said that I should go check again, so I did as I was told.
I checked twice but still couldnt find it, so I went back up once again.
He said, "I don't have it so your going to have to start it over"
I opened my mouth wide, took the paper and trudged back to my seat.
I worked on it as much as I could, and when the bell rang I went up to his desk and I said "are you sure you don't have it"
he said no and he said bring me your packet.
Of corse i did so i went back up to his desk and he ripped the easiest page off.
I had less to do, but was still mad of his clutteredness and unforgiveness.
The least he could of done is looked and said sorry but that would of probably taken an iternity because of his desk. And here I am not going to to exadderate, you cant see the bottom of his desk, he puts his laptop on his papers, it takes him five minutes to find the paper that we are supposed to work on, and we can barely see his face because of his stacks of papers in front of him. If it wasnt for his tall ness, we wouldnt be able to find him.
So I have yet again more homework, but less than yesterday.

cheerio mates!

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