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My last day of peace for a week...

RuthLM's picture
on November 21, 2008 - 7:05am

Well, today is my last day of relative peace and quiet during the day (for a week anyway)as my son has Thanksgiving break next week, my husband took vacation time next week, and at some point my sister-in-law is coming for Thanksgiving. I am working Thanksgiving Day which may be a good thing (we are paid time-and-a-halfanyway). I should be getting my son's second 6 weeks grades soon as the grading period ended last Friday (hopefully he did ok). Yesterday, he was scheduled to serve a 30 minute detention (for talking in class) with his
German teacher..well she has been out sick and made no arrangements for him to serve it with anyone else. In my book, she had her chance..she knew last Friday when he was coming so if she couldn't make it she could have called his principal and made arrangements with him and didn't. And that leads me up to another pet peeve of mine...
just because I am home during week doesn't mean I don't have other committments and that my time is any less valuable than anybody else's. So many times, I have had people assume I can reschedule easily and they just don't keep appointments. And yes I have been known to tell them that my time is valuable too (and that if I cared for my critical care patients like this they would be dead). Well, anyway, if his German teacher tells me he has to come another day I am prepared to call his principal and have a talk with him about the fact he showed up and she lacked making arrangements. We'll see.
Well, it is off to do some laundry, housework and some "homework" for my job. Everyone have a great weekend and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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