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on November 21, 2008 - 2:05pm

i'm doing a craft show tonight and tomorrow....i don't expect much---sorry to be negative, but the economy leaves little spare change for doo-dads, and i know this. i did one show last month, and while i did better than others, do not expect much from this one. but i've committed to it, and will do it. my neighbor wants me to do another one with her on Dec 6th, and unless this sale is encouraging, i just don't think i'll bother.
but what's really on my mind is the suicide of a former co-worker. i found out this morning that he had passed, and suspected possibly a heart attack, although that would have been shocking, since he was fit, ate right, exercised---you know, all that stuff they tell us to do. but it wasn't that. he took his own life, for reasons i can't even begin to imagine. even though i've been out of contact with him since leaving that job a few years back, i'd see him around town on occasion, or see another former coworker and get caught up. he was one of those guys who seemed to have the world on a string, and life had blessed him with a loving wife, stable kids, a good business, and all the trappings of a successful life. for some reason, it's not so surprising when someone takes their own life who is known to be depressed, has had rotten luck, or made poor choices, in their lives. you can kind of see why they'd be depressed. but when someone like this does it, it just leaves you shaking your head and feeling so stunned. it makes you wonder if your own life is as stable as you think it is, and if one little thing can drive you over the edge. i wonder, is my hold on sanity as tenuous?? i'm so sorry for his family---they will be dealing with guilt for not being able to reach him and help him turn the corner. i suppose they will be feeling a lot of anger and betrayal at his abandoning them like this.
so, as this season of thanksgiving and reflection comes upon us, i hope all of you are in a safe, hopeful place in your life. i hope your troubles are not unsurmountable, and if you're feeling overwhelmed, which is so easy at this time of year under the best of circumstances, that you have someone to reach out to and help hold you up when you need it. love your family and friends like there's no tomorrow, and keep smiling.

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