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on November 24, 2008 - 7:08am

Two more days until Thanksgiving Break!! I am going dirt bike riding, Jessica is staying home now, because her Dad won't let her go dirt bike riding with my family anymore, and Steven is going to Hawaii to visit his sister that is in the Navy.

I don't like Steven anymore, not really sure why. Just don;t. Hahaha.

I cant see why Jessica's parents are soo strict on her. They won't let her do ANYTHING!!!! I understand that some parents can be really strict on their kids. For example, during summer, my parents always make sure that I am in some sort of activity, every week out of the summer. (Except for 3 weeks. 1 week is a break from activities, and 2 weeks is family vacation time)

But they do that because they say that "Downtime is the devil's playground'. And I'm like, "ok, what can I possibly go do thats wrong? the worst thing that I could think of is like missing all of my cheer and karate practices without telling them. ooooo I'm a troublemaker now.

Anyways, talk to you all later, this is a very long blog for me haha.


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