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two more days

vijaykumar's picture
on November 25, 2008 - 2:58am

I am so excited, only 2 more days to probably my favorite holiday. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, its hard to decide which is my favorite.
I'll be busy the next couple of days in the kitchen. My first holiday dinner in this house. I bough new table linin in burgundy along with linin napkins and those cute little napkin rings in pearl and white. I also got 3 taper holders, and yes mom, I'll reember to light the candles. I bought some new glasses too, some fancy stemmed things. Luckily it will be small for starters. Turkey is thawing and who knows what I may spring on the family this year. I only work until noon today and then I am treating myself to a haircut. Nobody else will know about it. Doing something different, feeling a little sporty today, maybe something more on the trendy side for the winter.
Hope you all have a Joshin' terrific day. Time for my coffee, it is after all only 4:57 am.
Hugs ;o)

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