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Up and at 'em!!!

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on November 25, 2008 - 5:52am

Well, some of "my" girl scouts started on our float for the Christmas parade last night. Craig helped to consruct a "fireplace" out of some industrial-strength cardboard (at least that's what I call it...) and scrap wood and then the girls painted it with leftover paint from one of my household projects. We have an old Christmas tree that they'll decorate this weekend, as well as some big boxes they can wrap to look like huge presents. We have a giant wreath that we're planning on "framing" our troop number with--with lots of lights. The parade is Monday night, so I'm getting really excited! I bought all of the scouts a green santa hat and plan to machine-embroider their names on them as my Christmas gift to each of them. We're all wearing green on the float to sort of symbolize the fact that everything we're using on our float is either recycled or recyclable. The lights, tree, and wreath get used over and over, so that's the justification for them...and the rest is wood and cardboard and paper, including the tree decorations we plan to use...

I have just a few more Christmas decorations to put out around the house. We'll wait on whatever we're going to do outside until probably this weekend, though. Other than a little "clutter crusade" through the house, most of my organizing I wanted to get done has been taken care of. My office still lacks a little attention, but other than that, it's looking pretty good from my point of view! Obviously there's always the deeper cleaning, but who's looking at that?! LOL I am pretty certain that my Christmas shopping won't be finished before Thursday, but hopefully it will at least be by the end of the month. I truly do want to enjoy the entire month of December and just relish in the holiday spirit!

Well, I'm going to add another of the poems I found the other day. Even though I'm past most of the junk I vented about in them, it is kind of like "sealing the deal" by sharing them...don't really know why, but anyway...

Broken dreams
Broken spirit
Keep your criticisms
I don't want to hear it!
I'm tired of
Your negative remarks
Doesn't it concern you at all
When you break my heart?
It seems
You would be
More than that--
More toward me.
I wish you wouldn't speak
Before you think
And that you'd consider what it feels like
To be pushed to the brink.
I will carry on
Making up my own mind
I just wish you could
At least be kind!

A lot of the poems I wrote around the same time were in the middle of a severe family crisis. Craig and I went to Josh's Atlanta show during the Awake tour, and the week after we returned, everything seemed to just hit the fan. Lots of criticms that were hurled at me actually were made in the form of attacks of my "fandom" of Josh! Absolutely no basis where the family ordeal was concerned, but directed at the only thing outside of my husband and children that I found any pleasure or happiness in at the time...with some of the accusations, criticisms, and attacks against me that were made, you would have thought I was committing murder or adultery or something of the sort! And unfortunately, lots of them were made by those who were supposed to be on the same "side" of the family issues as I was...the people who SHOULD have known me best. I felt completely isolated from almost all of my extended family and even my closest friends. I had only God, Craig, and my girls left it seemed, and I learned that in this life, that truly is all that I need...

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