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A Possible Apology...

Cupid's picture
on November 25, 2008 - 7:03am

Hey guys, I thought I should tell you that I'm taking a few days off from the fansite but not for the reason you might be thinking...If you do happen to see my name then I'm on to just read (and keep up) rather than posting. I also owe you a possible apology. If I've said anything stupid or thoughtless lately please forgive me and there's a reason. By the time I leave town to go home for Christmas I suspect that Four more people will have disappeared from my life: my previous provider, two on-line friends, and a neighbor who helps me sometimes. All four have just quit talking to me. As far as I know I haven't done anything so they may have their own reasons. They just aren't telling me what they are. Some people might say I'm being too hard on my self. This is Why! Because people keep disappearing and not saying anything. Even if I did say something thoughtless I desereve the right to at least apologize. Anyway guys, sorry about the "pity party" but I thought you should know. Have a great Thanksgiving and I'll be with you in spirit! Take care and big grobie hugs, Roger

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