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Glad yesterday is history

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on November 25, 2008 - 10:29am

Yesterday was going well till I came home from the store. I started to wash my car and noticed that someone had hit me. The person inquestion hit the back passenger side of my car and scraped it all the way to the front. I was livid!!! I worked on it for quite a while and I was able to get the paint off the car. It left a few little dents in my car. At least they aren't too noticable. I went ahead and washed my car and vaccummed it out. It was looking great. I started to clean my windows and I went to wash them inide when I realized that the car was locked and my keys were in the car. Oncw again I was upset. Missy had my spare key and no one else could find theirs. That figures. I had to pick Missy up in 40 minutes. What was I to do? The rest of my day just didn't seem to go as well after that. I ended up using Dave's truck (his baby). He wasn't happy about that but it got me out of my sticky situation. When I came back home I grabbed some dinner and went into hiding on my computer with Josh singing. Things started to look up. There now that you've muddled through my upsets I should award you a medal for patience.

Today is another day and it's going to be as good as I make it.

Have a Joshtastic day my Grobie friends.


EDIT: I had a long but good day. I spent a couple of hours this morning with Aunt Bobbie. It was nice to be there for her. I told her that I love spending time with her. She told me that she didn't think that she mattered. That was sad. I set her straight and she was happy again. I went to see dad today too. He wasn't feeling good when I got there. I found him lying on his bed with his clothes, shoes and down coat on. That's not like him at all. I sat with him and found out that his left hip and leg were hurting him. He couldn't get up cause he hurt so bad. I suggested heat but no he didn't want to do that. A few hours later he was able to get up with my help and use his walker. I walked with him to his mailbox which is a little distance. he did fine and started feeling a little stronger. I suggested to him to see his doctor. I told him I would take him. I hope he will make an appointment. How dows a daughter stop worrying about her father? I arrived home at 5:00 tonight. I'm finally getting around to being on here tonight.

Have a great night all.

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