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another update :D

njanja's picture
on November 25, 2008 - 11:54am

Ok, so here's the latest update. So number one, I got a letter yesterday that my audition will be next Tuesday. :D So I'm really nervous and excited about that. I just hope it goes well and I don't embarrass myself completely. The other thing, the guy I like, Dario... well, things are coming along. The awkwardness, though still there, is smaller and we're slowly getting to know eachother. And it really seems like he's starting to like me. :D oh my! This is sooo exciting and it just makes me sooooo happy. :D I know Tom, you're still not pleased. :P But I can safely say, that things will be ok. Well, that in any case... no, I think we will be together, weird of me to say this but I have this feeling and who knows? It might just happen! :D *prays*

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