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On This Day of Thanks...

Cupid's picture
on November 27, 2008 - 3:29pm

First (and foremost), I want to thank you guys for your emotional support (and your positive feedback). Not only am I beginning to feel better but you've given me a lot to think about. So, how has your Thanksgiving day been going? You will be glad to know that mine has gone pretty well. In fact, I actually had two dinners. One that the office manager put together and a second plate from my provider who cooked for her family. So my day has basically consisted of mainly eating, catching up on sleep, and watching television. You know, relaxing... It's been a long hard year for everyone so here's a question: What are you thankful for? On the one hand I have my family and best friend Julie (of 27 years) and on the other I have Josh and you guys. Who knew that going to Ticketmaster one day would lead me to you? So I guess I am really blessed even if my life does seem incredibly small sometimes. As for Josh...words almost fail me. Not since Barbra first entered my life (at age 5) has someone had such a profound effect on me. Truly...sometimes I'll see a toy on television I think he'll enjoy or hear a song I think would be fabulous for him. And that's only the beginning...Anyway, I probably should stop at this point before I get too "choked up" so I'll just say this...the fact that I care more about his health and happiness more than my own gives me a reason to keep striving despite the things that are thrown at me. Have a great night and take care, Roger

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