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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on November 28, 2008 - 4:49am

You know, yesterday was a special day not only for Americans but really anyone who would love to take a day and count all the blessings in their life. Sure, we can easily see the things we need to be thankful for but how about the things we don’t see? Sometimes it’s not hard to see the bad in life – it sure knows how to rear it's ugly head and often at the most inopportune times! And I’m no stranger to hard times but I look at things a different way – all the “bad” things that have happened to me could have been much, much worse had I not been being “watched over” and while I won’t go into religious details because there are some who don’t subscribe to my theories I think you know to what I allude. I won’t lie, I have been blessed and I can see that. I have my whole family within arm’s reach (::coughHELPMEcough::) and some families are spread from here to eternity! They are all healthy (well physically most of them heh heh …) and I’m healthy. I have a beautiful baby boy who is lovely inside and out. He’s my best friend. My granddaughters – funny, gorgeous, smart, adorable! Who could ask for more? There was a time when I would cry, sob even, and ask TPTI (the Power that IS) “why me?!?!” and I believe the answer came back – “Why NOT you?” I am a strong person. I’ve had a crazy life and have had to deal with a lot of things, my mother’s heart condition, my wayward sister’s behavior, my mother’s cancer, my grandmother’s cancer, their subsequent deaths when I was young and my children were very small, my father drowning in the fluid in his chest – I had to make the awful decision to pull the plug on him. I can’t tell you what havoc that wreaks on the psyche!! My last child being born with a very rare and life threatening disease was probably the topper on the cake. So when I asked “why me?” and got the answer “why not you?” I had to accept that. If my strength can get me through it then go ahead and throw things at me – throw them at me and not the next guy who isn’t used to dealing with issues. I get sick to my stomach when I hear of people who kill their family then turn a gun on themselves … obviously they aren’t strong and couldn’t deal. I get down for a few days and then “magically” my strength returns and I’m ready to kick some ass. How did this turn into a wrestling match?

Okay back to topic. You know, even down to basic things like the air we breathe … the green grass, a snowflake, the scent of bread baking, seeing a baby moments after birth – these are things to be thankful for. God I could go on and on – all the little things in life that bring us joy, even for a moment – those are the things to focus on. People are so overwrought with the differences in people, color, ethnicity – just remember that these differences bring flavor and spice to our life, not more problems. We’re the only ones who make problems for ourselves. How boring would life be without Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food … and so forth? And obviously food wasn’t made for us to just sustain our life or it wouldn’t have much flavor at all – like cat food. Speaking of which if you are stranded on a desert island and have no other food a can of cat food is the perfect food for you – all the nutrients and protein your body needs. Which do you prefer ocean whitefish or chunky chicken? Hahahahaha! ::gag:: Anyway … lets be thankful for those small blessings – or the rainbow of colors that we see. We can buy a pair of shoes in any color we like! The whole earth is a crayon box; we just have to open our eyes and look! Spend a day smiling at strangers and watch what kind of reactions you get – and after someone bails you out of jail you can reflect on those who smiled back and didn’t think you were totally nuts!

I’m also thankful for Josh and FOJG. I have made so many friends here and my life has been truly enriched and it’s all due to hotstuff. He’s a blessing in my world that’s for sure. His voice fills me with warmth and hope, gives me strength to plunge headfirst into my life. He’s like a calming cup of steamy coffee – without the nasty coffee flavor – I sit and cradle him in my ears, drinking him in and feeling his passion steal my cares away. He’s the tranquility in the storm – while all my problems and irritation swirl around me, sometimes turning into a tornado causing my head to spin, all I need is to hear his voice and the winds die down, the temperature balances, and I feel at peace. No, the problems don’t go away but he gives me a composure with which I can face the rest of the world. He makes it sound so easy the way he opens his mouth and that wonderful sound comes out but I know for a fact that he works hard (::insert raised eyebrows here::) and he does it for us – his love for us shows in the quality of music he produces. He’s absolutely not some lounge lizard whose voice is average – no, Josh is superior; he’s the essence of genius. He’s a wonderful man inside and out and I just would love to tell him to what degree he enriches my life without even knowing it. And actually he doesn’t even really do it, it’s you guys. You are my ying and yang. So yes, I am thankful – thankful for all the little things that make my life worth living and the big things – like you!

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