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on November 28, 2008 - 11:50am

I had a really fun Thanksgiving! In the morning I participated in the annual "Turkey Trot" walk/run that my family and two others started back when I was in high school. It gives me a chance to catch up with my friends who are away, and I had a very fun time talking to my friend Lauren who continued to remind me of the weather being in the 70's when she left California, as we were walking up and down hills in the cold rain.

We had the dinner at my parents' house this year with my dad's relatives, 12 of us total. All of the pies my mom made the night before tasted great. My grandpa cooked the turkey at his house and then brought it over, and it was DELICIOUS! I ate way too much!

Only one of my cousins came, but it was fun talking to her and my aunt. My aunt does a lot of crocheting and knitting. She makes these really cute hats. They're a 20's flapper style. I was amazed it only takes her an hour to make one, so she made one for me and my sister! She also crochets and sells these cute animal ear hats on Ebay.

Probably the most bizarre part of the night was while we were taking a family picture (something we seem to do at just about every family get together), my sister (my 22 year old sister) actually bit my mother! It was totally unintentional of course, but she really made her finger bleed. We were all in the living room and it was taking a long time, as usual, to get a decent photo. We were on maybe the 4th picture, the others having not turned out either because of the lighting or the camera being positioned poorly, or not having everyone looking in the same direction. We were all getting rather impatient, and my sister was being silly, I guess she wasn't looking at the camera.
My mom was tapping the couch or tapping on my sister to make her look at the camera and completely by accident, my mom was tapping, my sister turned her head at the exact time, and caught my mom's finger in her mouth, and I guess bit down...I don't know, it was so weird! It'll be one of those memories to bring up at future holidays..."Remember when Faith bit Monica?!"

Other than that it was a really nice time. Lots of laughter. I didn't get that close family togetherness feeling with my immediate family, especally my sister (she called me uneducated) but maybe at Christmas.

I hope all of you had a very blessed and memorable Thanksgiving.

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