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Turkey, Two Books, and Too much difficulty understanding Teens!

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on November 29, 2008 - 6:00pm

Well, Thanksgiving dinner was great! Until I ended up all night that night sick at my stomach...and as bad as that was, it wasn't ALL bad. My almost-16-year-old neice had loaned me her Twilight and New Moon books, so at least I had something to do while I sat propped up in bed waiting for the next round of nausea to hit!!! And WOW! What wonderful story lines in those books! I had no idea what everyone was talking I can't wait to get my hands on the third and fourth books and see the movie! I'm hooked! I finished the first 2 books in less than 48 hours! AND Craig and I even spent most of yesterday shopping!

The big dilemma at Thanksgiving had to do with the 'cousins' on Craig's side drawing names for Christmas gifts. For the past several years, all our kids have drawn names. The past couple, though, my two oldest neices would "draw" each other's names--thinking the rest of us didn't know of their scheming. It did bug me a little, but I never said anything. This year, they had planned to do it again. Except, the 13-year-old wrote out all the names and put them in a cup for drawing--and she forgot to leave her own out so that she and the 16-year-old could "draw" each other's again. Riley, my 9-year-old, ended up with the 13's name; when she drew it, though, the 13-yr.old told her she had to put it back!!! Riley was CRUSHED. She didn't understand at all what was going on, and she came to me crying--in front of both of her aunts and the 16-yr.old. They all "petted" her and said that she could keep the name. She was fine. Until she asked the 13-yr. old what she wanted her to get her. She told her something from Victoria Secret. Riley said, "okay, but what if I want to get it from somewhere else?" The reply was, "well, then, I guess I just won't like it!" Okay. This neice has NEVER been like this! She's always been sweet, pleasant to be around, and eager to get along with everyone. The past few times we've been around her, though, have just kept getting worse. Later on, she was talking to me about what she wanted for Christmas. (I was trying hard to be objective) She told me she would like something from Victoria Secret, and I asked her was that all--could she think of anything else. She said no, but that if I got her something from anywhere else, "well, then, that's what return policies are for!" I found out later from her mom that the "thing" she's wanting from VS is a $120 coat!!! Craig keeps reminding me that she's just a kid and to calm down about it. But I'm having a really hard time understanding...I don't know what to do. I can't help but think that her mom could be where she got this attitude's just plain upsetting to me...what do I do? How do I handle this? I've been really tempted to get something completely absurd! I don't want to be that way...

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