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David Foster and Friends...

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on November 29, 2008 - 10:33pm

Well guys, you may think I'm hallucinating when I tell you this but...I just watched David Foster on PBS (KUHT out of Houston) promote his "David Foster and Friends" cd/dvd and book "Hitman"! I'm not sure if people realize this but the guy is hilarious! LOL! They also showed his concert on Great Performances and let me tell you that if you haven't bought it yet you will love it! It is nothing short of both Fabulous and Amazing! I actually missed the first 30 minutes because I didn't even know it was on and they (of course) didn't show the whole concert because it's too long but what they did show was fantastic! I believe they were even able to show all of Josh's segment because he sang "Bridge over Troubled Water" (with Brian McKnight) and closed the show with "You Raise Me Up" which (not surprisingly) got him a standing ovation. Anyway, you could tell David was having a Fabulous time just by the look on his face. Not to mention mouthing the words while people were singing! LOL! BTW, has everyone seen the Noel bundle on the News page? It says "Take Josh home for the holidays". Does this mean that if I order the bundle that I get to take Josh home for the holidays? LOL! Okay, who wants to wrestle for him? The line starts at the right...LOL! Have a peaceful night, Roger Quick correction: Josh actually performs 3 songs toward the end of the DVD and the show ends with all the performers on stage with Got To Be Real playing.

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