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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on December 1, 2008 - 4:02am

Okay every morning when I wake up (doesn't matter what day of the week it is) I have a routine ... I start my water boiling, feed the cats, turn on the computer, pour a cup of tea, put in a teaspoon of sugar then head over to the fridge for some lemon juice and an ice cube to cool it so I can drink it. This is riveting isn't it? Anyway, every single time I open the fridge then open the little side door where I keep the squeezable lemon a stick of margarine falls out and onto the floor and gets misshapen. Okay you would think that after all this time of doing this day after day that I would learn that when I open it the margarine is going to fall out? Nope. Every single day I open it and the bloody thing falls right out onto the floor and dents. What a pud.


::edited:: OMG I just thought of something ... what if I live for the margarine falling out of the fridge at my feet?? What if it's some sort of symbolic thing? What if it's my way of envisioning something (or someone) falling at my feet? Am I having delusions of grandeur? Nahh ... that'll never happen! Photobucket

::edited:: ohhhh Ann I like that thought!

Andrea ... you're a nut.

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