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Thanksgiving Madness!!!

lfranklin's picture
on December 1, 2008 - 8:27pm

So... Thanksgiving morning all of us at Grandma and Grandpa's were woken up to a bit of a surprise: the neighbor's cows decided to hop the fence and were grazing in the front yard!

...Yes, Spectre had fun. And let me tell you nothing works up an appetite like herding cows. (New family joke: how many engineers does it take to herd two cows?)

Oh, then there was what shall henceforth be known as the 'Noel Incident': we discovered on the drive down that I mistakenly grabbed the Noel making-of DVD instead of the CD. DVDs don't play real well in car CD players. We figure out this happened and dad looks at me and says "This will be fixed before we drive home, *right*?" I laughed at first, then I realized he was dead serious! I went to visit my Aunt the first day and remembered that I had given her a copy of Noel last year and so I thought I'd borrow it from her and then mail it back... but she wouldn't part with it! I told her about the bit with dad in the car and her reaction (before I could ask!) was "Gee, that's funny! I'd loan you mine but I need it to decorate the house to".

..Yeah, that's right. She said "need".

So for the first time ever, I went to a Black Friday sale to buy yet *ANOTHER* copy of Noel! So now, every one in my family wants to know if I work on commission.

... Hey josh! I've bought 4 copies of Noel so far! Kickbacks? ;)

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